Blog Response to TED and Hacking

There really are a lot of great ideas in the TED video as well as the reading. In the video it talks about the nine therapeutic life style changes by Roger Walsh 1) Exercise 2) Diet and Nutrition 3) Time in Nature 4) Contribution and Service to others 5) Relationships 6) Recreation 7) Relaxation and Stress Management 8) Religious and Spiritual. These therapeutic lifestyle changes are all ways that contribute to being happy and healthy.

Being happy and healthy is the most important thing in life. Today education is geared towards making a living rather than making a life.ed49

I inserted this picture because it is “my happy” it has my dogs, Ruger and Patron, two of my horses, Reno and Pedro, and the love of my life, Denum.

After watching this video, I realized it will affect my teaching in many ways. I will try to incorporate that being healthy and happy is a huge part of life. I will teach my kids to become happy learners and healthy learners, not just learners that want to get by in life.

What kids are going to be in life should have a very different meaning than what they are going to do in life. Kids need to hack their lives into making themselves happy and healthy. By hacking i mean fiddle the process or program to improve it.

I enjoyed the diagram in the speech that had hack shooting tied to the happy and healthy 8 TLCs, creativity hacker mindset, experiential classes, and technology and online resources.

This video kept me engaged the entire time and I found it very interesting. It made a lot of sense to me and I agree with everything that was said.

The reading of the blog post by Bud Hunt was also very interesting and fun to read for me.I loved the introduction and how he tied it to lenses. How you see is shaped by how you look.

Learning happens when we make things. Students learn more and better and fuller and richer when they are making something to demonstrate their learning.  Or making something to share their learning. These things are all so true for me because I am a very visual hands on type of learning. So making things helps me learn but it will also help me to teach in my classroom.

Hacking things was also a term used in the article as it was in the video. The original definition of hack is a fiddle that improved a process or a program. The article also states that the definition of play is the search for freedom within constraints. With all 3 of these components one can see through the correct lens. I found this reading and this video very intriguing and I enjoyed and agreed with every bit of the both of them.


I have inserted this picture because it has everything to do with my happy and healthy. It is what I am going to do that makes me happy and also what I am going to be to make me happy and healthy.


3 thoughts on “Blog Response to TED and Hacking

  1. I haven’t had a chance to watch this TED talk yet or read the blog (it’s on my to do list for the day) but after reading your blog about them, I am interested to watch/read them. It sounds like they gave you great ideas and made terrific points! I love how you incorporated a picture of something that makes you happy and healthy, it fits perfectly!


  2. You talked about fiddling in your post and I talked about dinking in mine. I guess everyone has a different word for it! But I do agree that students retain more when they learn hands on. And I think it’s great that you know what makes you happy!


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