My Independent Learning Project

For my independent learning project for the Literacy in the Digital Age class is how to become a better barrel racer/rodeo athlete.


The above photo is a picture taken of me by Geraldine Ruetuer, riding my horse Hobby.

If I could spend my time learning anything in the world I would devote my time into learning drills, researching professionals, and practicing to become a better rodeo athlete. I think that this project for the class is wonderful.

Even though I want to learn more about this and implement it into my life, now I will have to and be receiving a grade for something I want to do and something that I enjoy personally. I think that this assignment will make this class enjoyable and we will learn a lot about each other, and a lot about something that we all want to learn about and enjoy individually.

One of the most important things in my life is rodeo. It is something that I do to make money, it is something that I do to relieve stress, it is something that I do to meet new people and to socialize with my friends, it is something that I do to keep me in shape, and most importantly it is something that i do to make myself happy.

I would love to spend more time learning new drills, new things to teach my horse, practicing with my horse, and talking to professionals to better myself. This is important to me as a college student as well. My freshman and sophomore year college rodeo paid for my tuition, books, and fees through a rodeo scholarship. This is important to me as a future teacher simply because it is what makes me happy. If i am happy in my class room I can teach my students in a better mood and in a better way.

There are many different ways that would be a good use of my time for this project. I can spend my time watching video tutorials of problem solving, of mental focus, of different drills, and more. I can also spend my time communicating with my idols. Some of my idols include Martee Pruitt, Ashley Schaffer, Cheryl Robinson, and a few others. I would really enjoy every second of this learning experience because every aspect that I learn will contribute to becoming a better rodeo athlete, and achieving my dreams. Below is a picture of the barrel horses that I am trying to make into  all-stars currently. The gray horse on the right is Reno and the black horse with the amazing heart on his forehead is Gus.



9 thoughts on “My Independent Learning Project

  1. I think this project sounds great! Glad you choose something you love doing but just want to become better at, plus nothing is better than getting graded on something you actually love to do! I can’t wait to read more once you start on the actual project. Your horses are gorgeous by the way!!


  2. This sounds like an awesome project! I absolutely love going to rodeos but I know the bare minimum about competing in them so I am really excited to learn more about it through our blog 🙂


  3. Rodeo sounds like a fun project! Especially when you are passionate about it. What I enjoy about your topic is that it allows you to be physically active and outside. Being outdoors is something that I enjoy doing and I feel that a lot of people are missing out on the experience. Good luck in improving your skills in your passion!


  4. That’s a gorgeous photo! Did you take it? This is a terrific project, and I’m glad you’re choosing something that’s personally important to you and that you’d like to devote more time to. This project is a great excuse to do something you need or want to do that has nothing to do with classwork and school. I can’t wait to learn along with you!


    1. Thank you! I actually got it from her online profile after asking her, I am hoping my project works out well. I thought my blog posts were coming along pretty great as I spend a large amount of time on them, until I saw I received a D for a grade on them.. I am hoping to make them better in the future!


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