TED Talk (How to Make Stress Your Friend)

After viewing a few different TED talks from the lists given in module 3 I chose ” How To Make Stress Your Friend.”

This really caught my eye for many reasons. First off, I stress about things before there is anything to even stress about. (Yes, that is possible.) I have major panic and anxiety attacks almost daily from financial situations, school, wedding planning, house buying, and more. Seeing this title really made me want to watch it, in hopes that maybe I could help myself with my stress levels a little bit.

I had to share this photo because it is how I feel right now, and relates to this blog.

The site address for this photo is https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14291637_332533240413862_6014792993512649717_n.jpg?oh=d7e6e6e3dd063c307709719fc5924a49&oe=587B091C

This Ted talk was a very interesting 14 minutes long and spoken by Kelly Mcgonigal. She began the speech with a study. The study took a group of people over time and related it to death. One group of people were highly stressed and had the belief that stress was bad for their health. Another group was highly stressed and did not believe that stress was bad for their health. The other group was a lightly stressed group that believed stress was bad for their health. In the end it related who died to each different group. The people with even low stress that believed it was bad for their health had a much higher death rate than that of people with super high stress levels that did not believe stress is bad for their health. This shows that if you believe stress is bad for your health, then you are more prone to dying or creating a stress induced health problem, or disease.

Stress is the 15th leading death in the world today, killing more people than skin cancer.

After the study, she went on to talk about oxytocin. Even though oxytocin is said to be the happy hormone that carries compassion, care, empathy, and feel goods, it is also a stress hormone.

She ended the discussion with another study. The study was of people ranging from 34 years old to 96 years old. They studied the stress level of people, and the amount of time people spent caring for others and compared it to their death rate. People that care for others more and spend time doing good deeds tend to have a lower stress level along with a lower death risk.

If you turn your stress into positive you can better your health. That pounding heart and sweaty brow is not stress, that is courage. Your body is giving you courage to conquer that battle. If you can turn around and view stress as helpful, then biologically you will create courage for yourself. I really enjoyed this TED talk.  This will not only start to change the way I will try to handle my stress but it will also help me to have a positive atmosphere in my classroom.




3 thoughts on “TED Talk (How to Make Stress Your Friend)

  1. This sounds like a great talk to watch. I can totally relate to you about stressing about things that don’t need stressing about. It sounds like a very interesting TED talk to watch, especially for college students who tend to stress a lot and only care for themselves. I’ll have to go and watch this one! Great post, thanks for sharing!


  2. This is very interesting! I never realized how much stress can affect your body but I am like you and I stress about things before there is anything to stress over. The ways to reduce stress are very interesting and hopefully I can do a better job at applying them. Great post!


  3. True story. You need to make stress your friend. Let it be there and use the adrenaline to focus on what you need too. Learning how to function while stressed or scared is a great life skill.


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