Google Yourself

This week, one of my assignments challenged me to google myself. When I did this literally nothing showed up that was actually me. A lot showed up about Emily Wolf music. I even tried googling my name with my middle name included, Emily Marie Wolf. Again, nothing showed that had anything to actually do with myself. Even on images there is not a single image of myself, and I clicked on several pages.

Honestly, this really surprised me. I am very active on Facebook and on Instagram, not to mention this newly created blog site. After doing digital citizenship research this week, I actually found this quite relieving. I found it a relief not because I ever post or send anything inappropriate, but because I do not want my personal life to just pop up everywhere.

I am not sure that this will be the case for everyone else and I am interested to see what everyone experiences while googling themselves.

After searching several pages back I finally found one photo. (I will remind you this was on page 7.)

Image result for Emily Wolf

This photos is showing up from the Eastern Wyoming College website, as it is my rodeo picture from last year.

Again, I am shocked that after my readings on digital citizenship nothing else showed up. A potential employer would not be able to make any conclusions about me from googling me simply because nothing shows up! This is a good things for me!

I challenge everyone else to google themselves, and share what shows up!


3 thoughts on “Google Yourself

  1. I’m on the fence about whether this is a good thing or not. On one hand, your privacy settings must be air tight. On the other hand, potential employers might not hire you because they literally can’t find you online. I guess there should be some better balance there.


    1. You do have a point however, employers should not be hiring me based off of an online profile, I do believe a resume and references should be a valid start. I was started when nothing came up when I googled myself honestly because I am very active on facebook and instagram!


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