Mindful Pause and Reflection

Ill be honest in this blog, I could not have been more relieved when I opened and read that we were having a pause.

I have learned so much in this class. I had never written a blog before when I started this course, and have always been one that kind of enjoys writing. I was shocked when I got my first blog feedback. These blogs take me a long time to write and try to put my best into them. The feedback that I got was not good and if it would have been a grade it would have been a failing one, and I am so glad that it was not a grade. This discouraged me and made me a little upset, however I took the constructive feedback and began trying to better my blogs and am hoping for a better feedback the next time around.

I have learned so much about technology in this class as well. Technology is evolving so quickly now days even I got behind. I had never had a twitter before this class so that took me a while to figure out! I see now how helpful it can be in so many ways! I have also learned so much doing the daily creates, I am not even half way done with them and I have used so many things I did not even know existed! Also, the embedding, and the video adding, and tech learning has taught me so much when it comes to sharing!

I honestly did not know what to expect when I started this course. I started out my education in business and finance and switched to education this year. Let me tell you, they are such different worlds! Therefore I am new to education, new to online classes, and new to Chadron State College. This class has exceeded any expectations that I could have ever had. I have learned more in the last few weeks about writing, technology, creating, giving feedback, and more than I have ever learned in any classes combined!

The most interesting module so far for me was the digital citizenship module. I learned so much,and actually spent way more than the 8 required hours because I found so many interesting topics! The cyber bullying really hit home for me, and I found a lot of facts that I had no clue existed. I also found so many interesting things about the online profiles and how they are there forever for everyone to see.

The most challenging module for me was by far module five. It was so time consuming to find 100 people that were worth following, along with 30 blogs that were worth following. I literally spent an entire day finding these people, let alone the amount of time I spent completing the other assignments for the week! I hope to learn more about technology in the educational world as we go on!

I am nervous for what the second half of the semester brings. I am very excited to learn more about technology in the education world. However, I will be honest this course is challenging! The challenge is worth it because I have learned so much though. I am currently in five classes, and working 45 hours a week, getting married in a month, and in the process of purchasing a house. Sometimes I cry from the stress of trying to keep up with everything. Since this class has so much new content to me, sometimes it is too much for me to mentally bear. After reading the article for this week I realize that slowing down and taking pauses are huge. Sometimes I just need to re read the assignment, breath, and take things one step at a time.

Clearly I have learned so much from this course, and I know that I do not stand alone when I say that! Everything is so organized, and directions are clear to follow. I will say that this is the only class that I have that is this organized and I want to thank the instructor for that because it helps so much! Here is to the second half of the semester and learning new things!




2 thoughts on “Mindful Pause and Reflection

  1. Glad you enjoyed the pause! I am very interested in thinking about the ways that we learn, and I often find that I don’t include enough space and time for absorption and sitting with new knowledge, especially in online classes. It’s so tempting to just keep pushing content, and obviously we do cover A LOT of content in this course. I appreciate your feedback on the different modules. I often hear that the PLN module is the toughest. For the second half of the semester, we create a little bit more and learn some new tools and apps. Hoping you enjoy it!


  2. It was a wonderful pause! Even though, I have not paused 100% and am trying to get ahead of myself due to wedding craziness in the next month, it really was nice to reflect on everything we have done. We have covered so much in this class it amazes me. The PLN was the hardest but it was also one that I learned a lot in. The work that we complete in this class is challenging but at least it is not mindless work. Some online classes turn into mindless and busy work, I do feel like everything in this class has been beneficial and I have learned so much. I am nervous for the challenges ahead but also looking forward to what is next!


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