Digital Activism

This weeks assignment was to read about digital activism. Through this class I have learned so much about posting things on digital media, and followed so many videos, along with articles. So far, this class has opened my eyes to how useful technology can really be. Ill be honest, at the beginning of this course the only technology I was really involved in was Facebook, and the only reason for that was the online classifieds and sales pages. I have never really looked at social media as an activism or a way to share opinions, however, my finding this week really changed my perspective.

The Six Activists of Digital Texts article had a lot of really great eye openers for me. Although the article made it sound as if there are ONLY six ways technology can help activists, I believe six is far more than none, therefore they have a great start. It can help activists share their opinions publicly, they can make a plan of action, technology protects activists, along with helping them share a call to action, and most importantly to me it helps them share resources. To me, sharing resources is huge, the world revolves around findings and the more the resources the better!

The New Face of Teen Activism also had some great points and information. The article contained exampled of people getting involved in things that they never would have if it was not for the online groups that they had found. I think that teens are using social media for activism in so many ways now days. They are joining online sites and encouraging each other to “do something” and they are posting and sharing what they stand for. I think that this is very effective. One 140 word tweet can reach millions of people! If that is not effective, then I am not sure what is! While all of this information seems great, there are still some issues that need to be considered. Some opinions can be attacked and others can be attacked by other online activists that do not agree with their opinion. We all like to think that respecting others would be priority, however, that is not always the case. This is where cyberbullying can come in and we need to be aware of that. I have already been an online activist in the class for project based learning and have had great feedback! I do think that this uprising technology tool is a great thing.

I chose to do my research on the Free and Above activist. This movement made is to helping out ones with mental illnesses and bullying. Reminding ones that they can one day be free from pain and above what’s been tearing them down. Also spreading awarenesses and bringing ones together. Community is important. This activist has created a twitter account for people to follow to help them with their struggles and to know that they are not alone.

I am going to get a litter personal here and tell you why I chose this. The headline had more about mental illness in it, while most of the others had more about eating disorders or drugs. In the headline description of this activist site it quoted, “Making sure no one ever feels like they’re not loved or that they’re a freak.” This quote drew me in because I can relate to it. For four years, I was in a VERY physically abusive, along with mentally abusive relationship. It tore me down to where I thought I was nothing and felt no love at all, and eventually literally made me an actual freak. I pushed everyone away, and sort of lost my mind for a while. It took me moving two states away to get out of the situation and a LONG time for me to recover. I lost friendships I wish I never would have and damaged family relationships I would do anything to get back. I am not looking for sympathy because honestly that situation made me a better person. It brought me to Wyoming and God put the most perfect man in my life that helped me heal into the bright and happy person I am today. Following this twitter page I found that it was FULL of encouragement and people that are regaining their life. It really is a beautiful thing, and I love that there are activists out there that want to help people.

I encourage you to click here and go take a look around the account 🙂

Here is a picture of my wonderful happy life ❤





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