Informational Poster

This week in the digital literacy class, we had to explore different creative sties. Some of them made comic strips, some made posters, and some made presentations. We were required to create one on our digital learning projects so far, and I did mine a poster on tips for conquering the mental game. I hope you enjoy it!


I think the most challenging thing about this assignment was getting things proportioned correctly. The first couple of times I saved it, I had to redo it. It would look fine on the software website but when I would open it as a jpeg, I could not read the text and the pictures were very small. I had to redo it and adjust some things a few times before it was readable for every one to see! I chose to put little information on it so that it stay appealing to my readers. I basically summarized my thoughts and learning on the mental game in the rodeo world. I think that the photo in the center of the picture speaks a thousand words for itself. It basically tells you how to conquer your own mental game, and what to think to stay positive! I think that this took would be great to use in the class room! The software that I use is somewhat similar to publisher in my opinion. Publisher can be very overwhelming and actually kind of confusing to kids. I think that this site can be great for creating informational things for class rooms. I also think it is great because it is free and it is not a download so anyone has access to it! I think there is great value in presenting these graphics! They are eye catching, simple, and can be full of great information!


I have inserted this picture because as I said before, I really struggled with getting things proportioned. I can read the one on the poster but I know some people may have a hard time seeing it. For those that do, here is the enlarged picture on how mental game in the rodeo world can be! I hope you enjoy it!


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