Am I An Innovative Learner?

The question for this weeks blog post is, how have I been an innovative learner and thinker this semester?

To me innovation in learning looks like is simply continuously changing things for the better. In The Mindset of an Innovator article, it talks about many things that I agree with. “I recognize that there are obstacles in education, but as an innovator, I will focus on what is possible today and where I can push to lead towards tomorrow.” This statement speaks a thousand words to me. There are ALWAYS going to be obstacles in education, as teachers it is our job to take things one day at a time to make for a better tomorrow. I do think that I have been an innovative learner this semester. I have taken things in stride and realized that I have SO MUCH to learn in the digital world.” I build upon what I already know, but I do not limit myself to myself. I’m open to and willing to embrace new learning, while continuously asking questions to move forward.”I agree with this statement as well and have really gone above and beyond this semester. I have not limited myself and it has worked out in my favor because I have learned so much. I have followed so many professional educators on twitter and through blogging that has embraced so much new learning for me.

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CC: Google Images (Lawsofmodernwoman)

Along with innovative learning, there is said to be a steep unlearning curve. I do believe we do need to unlearn things to become innovative learners and thinkers. In an article titled, The Steep Unlearning Curve, it talks about ten major things that we all need to “unlearn”. One thing that I have unlearned this semester is, “We need to unlearn the practice that teaches all students at the same pace. Is it any wonder why so many of our students love to play online games where they move forward at their own pace?” This one is huge to me. We all think that all students should learn at the same pace, the same way, and the same curriculum. What we all need to realize is that every student is different, and being an innovative educator is changing our ways to teach kids in a way that they learn best. I do think that one thing WE ALL need to do is, “We need to unlearn the idea that learning itself is an event. In this day and age, it is a continual process.” There are so many people in this world that think they are such experts that they have nothing left to learn. We can all learn something from EVERYONE. Never close your mind to new things.


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